How To Get "Stunning," on Style Me Girl Level 32 Formal Evening

Style Me Girl Level 32 - Formal Evening - Karma - Stunning! Three StarsI have received several comments from Style Me Girl players both here on this blog and on G+ about having difficulties with Level 32. I posted two examples of this level in the past, one using cash items and later a "no cash items" version, however, it still proved difficult to pass Level 32 for some. Now I'm going through Level 32 item by item with images in the hopes it can be of more help!

Level 32 Formal Evening
Items Needed to Get Three Stars:

Level 32 Formal
Closet Items

Style Me Girl Level 32 - Formal Evening - Karma - Closet
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  • Hair: Black side bun up-do (Model Jill's hair)
  • Dress: Black sleeveless above knee dress with silver details at waist and straps
  • Pants: Sheer black thigh high nylon stockings
  • Shoes: Black high heels
  • Accessories: Necklace with square black jewel that came with game
  • Accessories: Diamond teardrop chandelier earrings
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Makeup: Medium Red lipcolor with smokey eyeshadow
  • Signature Item: Gold compact mirror

In Detail

Hair Item
Figure 1
#1 Starting from the "top," the first item we'll select is within the closet's hair category. The hairstyle used in our example is that of model Jill, black hair in a side bun up-do, shown at right in Figure 1.

Dress Item
Figure 2
#2 Next up is the dress, a sleevless black empire-waist above the knee dress with silver details at the waist and on each strap near the shoulder. See example in Figure 2 on the left.

Pants Item
Figure 3
#3 Skipping the shirt category and moving down to the pants category, the next item to select are thigh high black sheer nylons or stockings, which cost 75 coins from the Boutique. Example shown in Figure 3, right.

Shoes Item
Figure 4
#4 Upon selecting our item from the pants category we will then go down to the shoe category, we will select a pair of black heels which are a silver coin item (i.e. not a cash item) available in the Boutique. See Figure 4, left, for example.

Accessories Item - Necklace
Figure 5
#5 Just below the shoe category in the Closet is the accessories category, where we will select two items, the first being the first item in the category, the necklace with the black square jem that came with the game. Necklace shown in Figure 5, right.

Accessories Item - Earrings
Figure 6
#6 The second accessory item we need to select are a pair of diamond tear drop chandelier earrings which are avaiable for 60 coins in the Boutique. See Figure 6, left, for example.

Eye Color
Figure 7
#7 After selecting the necklace and earrings from the accessories category continue to the next category, eye color, where I selected a blue color for this example as shown right in Figure 7.

Makeup Item
Figure 8
#8 Moving right down the line to the makeup category, the makeup in this example to select features a medium redish lipcolor and black smokey eyeshadow. Available for 30 coins in the Boutique. See example, left, Figure 8.

Signature Item
Figure 9
#9 For the final item to select for this example we need to move on to the Signature Items category in the closet, and select the first item which is a gold compact mirror with eyelash comb. Signature Item shown at right in Figure 9.

Three Stars Stunning on Formal Evening Level 32 Style Me Girl

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players!

Style Me Girl Level 32 - Formal Evening - Karma - Snapshot