Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60's Pin Up

Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60s Pin Up

*** Level 17 60's Pin Up Theme

  • Red and white polka dot two piece bikini swimsuit
  • Frayed bottom denim mini skirt with silk belt tied at the side
  • Cheetah spot patterned stilettos with black platform and heel
  • Parrot (*** star item)
  • Spiked cheetah spot pattern choker necklace/collar
  • Beige canvas shoulder bag with leather straps and corners
  • Red dangle-hoop earrings
  • Cheetah spotted animal tail
  • Cheetah spotted nails (*** star item)
  • Smokey black eyeshadow with medium reddish/maroon lipstick, beauty marks
  • Wavy yellow blond hair with long bangs over model's right eye & side of face
  • Blue
Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60s Pin Up - Fuller view