Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'Are - Military Chick

Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'are - Military Chick

*** Level 39 Military Chick Theme

  • Camouflage print miniskirt with rust colored chain detail and red string ties on the sides
  • Camouflage print midriff-baring top with three quarter length sleeves
  • Black Boots (Seven-eye lace up, Doc Martin Style but all black, even the sole)
  • Black button earrings
  • Black wristband with red stripes on the edges and red star
  • Silver grenade necklace
  • Short black fingerless gloves
  • Black nylon leggings with slits cut down middle and double bands on upper thigh
  • Light green cheeks with dark purple eyeliner
  • Stella's hair- light brown up-do with volume/body ,bangs swept to model's left, and tendrils left out
  • Golden brown
Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'are - Military Chick - Fuller view