Updated: Style Me Girl Level 24 Nautical - No Cash Items!

Level 24 Nautical Theme - Stunning With No Cash ItemsLevel 24 Nautical Theme was one of the more challenging Style Me Girl levels for me. In order to achieve a three star result, I had to buy and include a gold cash item. So in my first Nautical Theme three star example, a few gold cash items are used.

I thought there must to be a way to pass without using those items and I decided to give the level another try. This time, I was successful scoring three stars on Level 24 Nautical Theme without using any gold $ items, so I have to share it right? :D

How to pass Style Me Girl Level 24 Nautical Theme with model Annie using no cash items is described below with images. All items in the example shown below are either in Style Me Girl's closet already (free) or can be purchased with silver coins. (Click to view full size images)

*** Level 24 Nautical Theme - No Cash Items

Level 24 Nautical Theme - Stunning With No Cash Items
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Style Me Girl
Level 24 Nautical
  • Black & white striped three-quarter sleeve top ($39 coins)
  • Navy, tan & white stripe-pattern pencil skirt (X coins)

  • Blue silk/satin top (39 coins)
  • White &  black strap cork wedge heels with white and black flower (173 coins)
  • Bracelet that came with game
  • Silver heart pendant necklace (62 coins)
  • Dangle hoop earrings with green flower inside that came w/game
  • Canvas shoulder bag with leather straps & corners (18 coins)
  • Gold eyeshadow (60 coins)
  • Long strawberry blonde (Fara's from mermaid level)
  • Very light blue