Updated! Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho - NO CASH ITEMS!

Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho Theme Stunning Three Stars Screen captureI found a way to pass Level 6 Boho Theme with a "stunning," three stars and I did so WITHOUT using any $ gold cash! Everything on this example is either free (comes with the game) or bought with the much more abundant and easier to obtain silver coins. In my earlier Boho Theme post, three items required to get the desired three star results cost $ gold cash.

So, if you were having trouble on Level 6 Boho Theme as many a "Me Girl," has, now you can hang onto some of your hard earned gold cash and still get three stars using the example below. Also, both of the small screen captures in this post link to their full size image, click if you'd like to view. I hope this is useful to you. :)

Style Me Girl Level 6 - Rachel - Boho - No Gold Cash Items!

*** Level 6 Boho Theme

Clothes:Style Me Girl Level 6 - Rachel - Boho - All items worn screen capture
  • Short sleeve above-the-knee length floral dress with brown belt (empire waist)
  • Black and yellow faded tight pants with belt
  • Flat dark blue sandals with white dots or "studs" and ankle strap
  • Peacock feather necklace
  • Patchwork shoulder bag
  • None
  • Long straight brown hair with straight bangs (Model Mia's hair from Sleepover Level 3)
  • Dark green/brown